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Francesco Vignoli is a nurseryman who lives in Pistoia, Italy. He has been working in the sector of import/export of plants and bulbs between Italy, Holland, Belgium and other countries for around 20 years.

What started as a hobby has grown into a successful business with his continued contact with botanists and garden specialists he has managed to develop this passionate hobby into one of indisputable success, developing his collection of rare plants and the eventual reproduction of them has given him a very reputable name in the society of plant production.

In 1990 he decided to take a leap, buying more land which he transformed and cultivated into his plant nursery of today. He has employed a workforce specialised in the reproduction of young plants, above all concentrating on the grafting of the different plant species.

This small corporation has been merited in Pistoia and in fact throughout Italy for their introduction of several species of plants which has enabled other smaller businesses to learn and grow from this nursery. Some of these exquisite species are: Acer 'Crimson Sentry', some varieties of Quercus, Liquidambar, Ginkgo biloba, Campsis and in particular the Wisteri of which they have become the largest and most successful producer in Italy.

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Francesco Vignoli
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